Instruction to Authors

The goal of the journal is to provide a lively forum for the communication of original research papers and timely review articles on selected themes in Engineering and Technology. IJGE will publish only articles of good quality. Submissions will be evaluated on their originality and significance. IJGE invites submissions in all areas of Engineering and Technology especially scope of the journal is reflected by the specialties of the board of  editors.

Important Note: Authors should submit only ORIGINAL papers that have been carefully proofread and polished. Papers that are clearly unacceptable will not be reviewed and no status will be communicated to the author(s). We will only notify to the author(s) of  accepted papers and papers recommended for revision. If you do not receive acceptance or revision email from us within 15 days of the submission of your manuscript, that means your paper has been rejected for the publication.

For LaTeX users, the manuscript file must satisfy the following specifications:

No personal (re)definitions (macros) have been used for features available in standard LaTeX.
Figures which are not described in standard LaTeX may be submitted in the form of encapsulated postscript files using the eps-format.

Except for eps-files of figures, there must not be any other separate input or accessory files. The submitted LaTeX file must run under a standard LaTeX compiler and produce the complete manuscript except, possibly, for some or all of the figures of which only the legends are retained.

All manuscripts  prepared in LaTeX, must accompany a PDF file of the paper.

Publication Fees

Indian Authors

Online Journal              - Rs. 1500/- (Rupees One thousand Five hundred only) - Maximum 3 Authors

Foreign Authors

Online Journal              - $ 60 /- (Dollars Eight only)

Bank Details

Current Account Details of Technology Publications will be mailed to the concerned Author(s) after Paper acceptance.

Refereeing Process

Once manuscript is submitted to the  IJGE office for review, we will assign the paper to appropriate experts in the field. The Experts will manage the review/revision process. He will be responsible to look for the reviewers and maintaining a control in the revision process.

Manuscripts are typically reviewed within 15 days. Unusually long or difficult manuscripts may not take longer. The time required will also be greater in cases where it is difficult to find suitably qualified referees. Should a report be unreasonably delayed, a further expert opinion may be sought. If the referees' reports contradict one another, the responsible Associate Editor/ Editor may obtain additional reviews if this is required to make a decision. Revised manuscripts are usually reviewed by the referees of the original submission, but the responsible Associate Editor/ Editor may seek input from additional reviewers.

Responsible Associate Editor/ Editor will report result of the review process of each assigned paper to the Editor-in-Chief.  Final decision (on acceptance or rejection of the submitted paper) - based on the Subject Expert's remarks - will be taken by the Editor-in-Chief. Final decision on acceptance will be communicated to the author by the IJGE office.

* Only original papers are accepted for review with the understanding that the same work has not and will not be submitted for consideration elsewhere, and that its submission for publication has been approved by all of the authors, the institution where the work was performed, and the appropriate funding agencies. It is further understood that any person cited as a source of personal communications has approved such citation, written authorization may be required at the Editor-in-chief's discretion. Articles and any other material published in the IJGE represent the opinions of the author(s) and should not be construed to reflect the opinions of the editors or the publisher.

Submit Manuscript

Manuscript should be submitted ONLY to the IJGE office,  via email ( conforming with the instructions to authors given below:

Potential author(s) should submit the following as a zip file :
a potential manuscript must use the IJGE style format (PDF but a blind paper, without author names,
a list of keywords (up to eight or ten) and AMS subject classification (primary, secondary),
a letter to the editor, that should include, names, affiliations, the abstract, and a brief resume,
names of two/three Associate Editors & Advisors from our list who are expert in the domain of the potential paper.

Manuscripts must be submitted in complete form, with illustrations (if any), legends to illustrations and an abstract. A subject classification (primary, secondary) and suitable keywords and phrases should be given on the title page. The text should be concise; in general, manuscripts should not exceed 20 standard pages. The number of illustrations should be kept to the minimum required for clarification of the text.  Illustrations, tables, equations, and footnotes should be numbered consecutively throughout the paper. References, numbered consecutively with square brackets, should be grouped together at the end of the paper .

On acceptance of submitted manuscript for publication in SIJSHMT, the following must be sent to the IJGE office,  via email (
Mention "Final CRC & Copyright" in the subject of your email.
A MS Word file or LaTeX file (alongwith PDF file) of the complete and exact content of the final version of the accepted manuscript ,
a scanned copy of copyright transfer form (to comply with the  Copyright law, authors are required to complete and sign).
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